Private Jet

Our company also offers the possibility of transfers by helicopter and jet to and from any Italian or foreign region.

Our aircraft partners are excellent and highly qualified pilots and experts, which is the reason why we were also chosen by delegations and personalities of the highest level.

But why should you use a helicopter or a jet? Surely to greatly decrease the transfer time while remaining in a very comfortable mean of transport.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking views, especially flying over the beautiful Dolomites!

We offer you the opportunity to load baggage on our minivan and take them to their destination so that you can travel easy and without worries: we’ll take your luggage to the hotel or the airport and coordinate everything with the staff responsible.

This way you can enjoy your trip until the last moment; when ready, the helicopter will be waiting to take you to your destination, while your luggage is already there!


We also offer the possibility of helicopter tours on the beautiful Dolomites: let yourself feel this breathtaking emotion 30 or 60 minutes!

If instead you love shopping, we offer the opportunity to move quickly with the helicopter to Venice, Verona, Milan, Lake Garda, Lake Como etc.

You can make your purchases with no stress and then return peacefully in the evening.

We can arrange a personal shopper to help you in purchasing or a car with a driver that will support you in moving and guard your purchases.

Every wish of yours will be fulfilled: we can organize a toast with the best champagne, offer personalized tours through the wonders of South Tyrol, and introduce you to landscapes which would be inaccessible by other means.